Orchid Supplies

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Artificial butterflies for your orchids. Orchid Coconut Husk Sphagnum Moss
Assorted Butterflies for Orchids PK 12Orchid Coconut HuskSphagnum Moss

1 inch assorted colors butterflies to add a special and finish touch to your orchid arrangement or single orchid. Our pack 12-1 inch butterflies look real and can add value to your orchid arrangments. Great to add in your flower shop or garden center.

Coconut Husk 10 piece - to repot your Dendrobiums.  Dendrobium orchids love coco husk and it makes your job easier since it is not messy.

Sphagnum Moss- 8 oz great for top dressing, Phalaenopsis and other live plants.  Holds water and stays moist longer, the best part is shipping is included.