Orchid Plant

Our dendrobium Orchid is available year round. The Dendrobium Orchid plant has an average of 4 to 8 blooms. The average number of bloom per stem varies with stem length.  Overall height of our orchid is between 18”-30”.  We ship our orchid in a 4” regular pot with a decorative pot cover. Best of all our orchid dendrobium is planted in a coco plug, which makes it easy to care for.  The color of the flower will be a grower’s choice, selecting the best quality in season.  The dendrobium orchid flower represents love, beauty and it is also Chinese symbol for many children.  Dendrobium orchids are named from the Greek words ‘Dendron’ meaning tree and ‘bios’ meaning life. 

Orchid plant in a 5 inch biodegradable pot. Assorted colors with beautiful flowers and healthy foliage.
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