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We provide quality orchids and bromeliads year-round.  We are a greenhouse direct source and are dedicated to excellence and consistency.  Our online store offers a number of practical package options.  We invite you to browse through our online store and shop with confidence. 

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    Artificial butterflies for your orchids. Tillandsia Magnet in Wood (Unit Price $3.74)
    Assorted Butterflies for Orchids PK 12Tillandsia Magnet in Wood (Unit Price $3.74)

    1 inch assorted colors butterflies to add a special and finish touch to your orchid arrangement or single orchid. Our pack 12-1 inch butterflies look real and can add value to your orchid arrangments. Great to add in your flower shop or garden center.

     Tillandsia Mini Air Plant Trunk- Our pack 40 Tillandsia mini air plant magnet comes with a colorful butterfly or bird. (Unit Price $3.74)